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Like many MMORPG games, Eldevin assigns attribute points and and talent points to a character as it levels up. In the case of Eldevin, for each level, one attribute point is allocated to each of the 6 attributes (Vitality, Energy, Melee, Ranged, Sorcery and Focus) automatically, and 6 is made available to the player to allocate as and when he chooses. In addition, after reaching level 5, a single talent point per level is made available for allocation to any of the 6 class talent trees.

Eldevin allows a character to invest of talent points into any (or all, but don't do that) of the class talent trees. A character develops into a particular class by allocating points into that class tree, there is no at-game-start fixed choice of class to be made. (And a full attribute/talent respec can allow you to completely change your mind about what class you want to play - if you have or can get the appropriate gear.) Armor of any kind can be worn by any character, however, each class tree has a tier 1 talent that confers a substantial benefit based on the number of armor pieces that conform to the preferred type for that class (Templar, Warrior: Heavy; Assassin, Ranger: Medium; Mage, Prophet: Light).

Normally, careful talent point allocation will result in one talent tree getting the majority of talent points. There are 3 reasons for this:

  1. The talents are synergistic within a class tree, reinforcing each other and compatible play styles.
  2. Talents from different trees benefit from weapons and armor types that are characeristic of that class.
  3. Different classes have different attribute priorities, which are enhanced by the chosen armor and free-point allocations.

Some class play styles can benefit from allocation of a few points into a compatible second class tree. But usually not much beyond lower-tier talents in the second tree. Going beyond these guidelines is usually the mark of a complete noob, (or possibly someone being really clever, but usually noob).

The talent allocation tool does not cover attribute allocation (yet). Depending on your main class choice, attribute allocation of the 6 free points is is usually dead simple: 1 or 2 attributes get the majority of your points. In some cases, one attribute will get all of them. (Remember the other fixed 6 that get allocated to every attribute automatically, plus the level-appropriate equipment attributes - this will probably cover secondary needs.)


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